About me

Having grown up in Southern Germany near the border with Austria, I had the great fortune to experience pristine alpine nature settings and a holistic style of medicine from an early age.


This inspired me to study at the oldest naturopathic medical school in the US (The National University of Natural Medicine), in Portland Oregon. During my four year doctoral training, I underwent rigorous classroom and clinical training, and spent extra time focusing my clinical education on women's health and digestive health. 


This training has prepared me to help people navigate their health concerns in ways that extend beyond palliating symptoms and applying quick fixes, while also meeting people where they are at on their individual health journeys.  In Germany, I practice as a Heilpraktiker. 

With a strong focus on preventative health, my schooling also prepared me to help both those with chronic health conditions and those hoping to stay ahead of the game.

I'm excited to begin working with expats and locals and everyone in between!

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Lauren Steinman


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